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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Superman Returns banned from PC

EA's "Superman Returns" Forums

It was explained earlier that there will be no PC version due to Modding MODders who MOD abusing their freedom to create things unfavorable in today's society. Since this game is a joint effort between several companies, there are certain things they don't want to see happen, like the ability to harm people in this videogame. Keeping the game strictly within the console industry will prevent others from ruining the image of Superman, and the companies that it is affiliated with.

Oh and by MODding the game to allow Superman to harm people, would require a higher ESRB rating since wanton destruction and violence is not Suitable for Everyone.

Uhh... excuse me? Modding (not MODding) is probably one of the main reasons why the PC platform is still alive and kicking, and a perferred platform by quite a few companies (you don't see gaming geniuses like Will Wright or Sid Meier designing games specifically for consoles). EA can't be allowed to do this shit, it's the same thing as not selling airplane simulators because you could use it to simulate a 9/11-esque event. This is bullshit management in the most extreme degree.


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